Mai Kodama

I work as a secretary and marketing supporter. I have lived in Vancouver, Canada since October 2022.

I love supporting work. I have rebuilt the customer follow-up for clients’ success in Tokyo, Japan. Most of the companies were small businesses, and I’m good at simplifying business processes and focusing on what needs to be done.

I have been self-employed since I was 23 years old. Because I have four kids I had to manage my time and finances for my love kids. So I know how to start and create without experience.
My father also has been self-employed and still works. My independent spirit grew up watching his back from childhood. My mother is a nurse. She is very serious and supported my father’s work until I was a high-school student. She hates lies, and her strong sense of responsibility is reflected in my current job. They had opposite personalities. I felt people’s true feelings are different but all feelings are correct and it introduced to action.

Although research has been conducted on various marketing theories, it can be said the human mind ultimately makes decisions.

I aim to visualize the route of the contract or purchase process that occurs when sellers and buyers are matched, and create a flow structure that continuously increases satisfaction and builds a relationship of trust with customers.