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    Coming soon wintter in Vancouver

    Hi, there. (‘ω’)ノ “

    It’s September! Vancouver is getting cold and under 10 degrees serious in the night.

    I’m almost one year when I have lived in Vancouver. I recalled this of last year. I was excited to join many events including a farewell party for me in Japan before coming here. I had happy times with my family and my clients. It feels like for long time ago. Even though, I’m happy now as well. I’m comfortable with feel slow life. My morning time starts Yoga, a luxurious time.

    This season in Vancouver, there are people with different clothes!

    I met my friend for lunch. She was wearing a parker and a UNIQLO down jacket, but I was only a parker. One woman was in a dress with no sleeves!! It’s an interesting sight, but it’s common in Vancouver.

    We went to Haral food restaurant, Baghdad Cafe.

    Do you know halal food? This is also an interesting cuisine. Eating halal food was the first time the day for us.

    These are middle Eastern meals, and they are used halar ingredients. It was delicious and was used many spice but not spicy. The price were around $16 but big meals. I ate half and I brought out one more half.

    What is Halal food?

    “Haral food means that the food is clean and does not contain any harmful or forbidden ingredients such as pork, alcohol, and blood. According to Islam rites, Halal food must be prepared in a clean environment, and animals must be slaughtered humanely. Halal seafood according to most scholars includes all types of fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, and nearly every other purely aquatic creature. Eggs and dairy products are also considered Haral, as long as they come from Halal animals not fed any prohibited substances.”-Quote source

    The number of Halal restaurants is increasing in Japan as well. However, Vancouver has many different countries people. That is one of the attractions in Vancouver. We are able to enjoy authentic flavors from around the world.

    I wouldn’t know about Halal if I didn’t live in Vancouver.

    I wouldn’t meet friends if I didn’t live in Vancouver.

    I have a lot of trouble living in Vancouver, but I’m sure all that happens has grown me up and can be awesome in the future. I don’t have an idea except enjoy all.