Organized and systematic

  • Management of Seminar event in person
  • Management of Seminar online event
  • Make advertisements, videos and websites to attract customers
  • Create attractive movies to increase the number of clients and sales
  • Purchasing system implementation and administration
  • Running SNS and E-mail marketing
  • Promotes repeat business

◆Time management skills and self-directed

  • Act as a president’s right hand by organizing her schedule
  • Setting up meetings and other communications
  • Able to multi-task to meet deadlines and meet client needs.

◆Technical and Accounting skills

  • Can navigate Microsoft Office and has expertise in Quick Books
  • Have experience as a Finacial planner in a inshurance company
  • Checked the customer’s asset status and conduct interviews.
  • Provide reports regarding customer’s current situation.
  • Served as a client’s adviser to manage their finances and reaching their long-term financial goals
  • Marketing the products to our potential clients using different platforms and marketing tool to ensure that the products and services was being promoted based on company’s organizational goa

◆Excellent customer service skills and problem solver

  • Facing clients by taking their reservation schedule and assisted guests with general concerns
  • Assisting customers for whatever concerns and provide immediate resolution regarding their complaints
  • Have experience as a staff at a call center

◆Team player

  • Thrive in a team environment and work well with others
  • Sharing promptly information
  • Understand interpersonal rerationships in the company, and the personalities of each person
  • Understand the overall movement and prepare for emergency cases