My approach to work

I believe that accepting the other person’s values ​​is very important when working together. Many problems at work are related to interpersonal relationships. That being said, it is very unfortunate that we are dragging our feet. Originally, we should be friends who cooperate and support each other, but if the relationship ends without being able to accept or talk to each other, it will be a painful and sad outcome for the relationship, time, and even heart. That’s why I think posting my approach to work and my tendencies will help match jobs.

  • My job is to do things that no one else wants to do, and that’s what makes it interesting.
  • I don’t take things for granted and don’t forget to be grateful.
  • Do it silently: If you have time to complain, I want to solve something about it.
  • Enjoy any job: Make it interesting
  • Basically, I don’t refuse work: When I refuse, I have some reasons.
  • Will think about what I can do instead of not being able to do it.
  • Strictly meet deadlines and delivery dates: If there is a delay, we will consult with you as soon as possible.
  • When I feel like giving up, I make a plan for what to do next and then consult with someone above me.
  • Will think about my role after looking at the whole.
  • Thorough stress care: 80% of illnesses are thought to be caused by stress
  • Immediate response important
  • The type who formulates a plan from instructions to goals before taking action.
  • Switching your mind on and off is important.
  • I prefer to separate to think each project.