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    Life is Adventure

    At the age of 40, embarking on a new challenge is a significant decision in the midst of life. When I decided to pursue a study abroad experience in Canada at 38, my emotions were a mix of anxiety and self-expectation. Summoning the courage to step into the realm of studying abroad, I can now look back with no regrets about that choice.

    Each day is, of course, a series of ups and downs. However, there are unique gains that come with this age. It’s the ability to communicate with the wealth of experiences, including failures in Japan, and an understanding of Japanese culture. Being able to enjoy failures as part of the journey adds a different dimension to the experience.

    Yet, at this age, there are challenges. Working holiday visas are not available, family responsibilities may be present, and accumulating the courage to study abroad can be more challenging than for younger generations. I faced similar constraints, as with three kids before the age of 30, participating in a working holiday was no longer an option.

    Despite these hurdles, the desire to study abroad persisted, leading me to gradually save up for the endeavor. Having some funds indeed provides a sense of stability. Moreover, in Canada, the cost of living is two to three times that of Asia. While wages are higher than in Japan, the values related to daily care products and food have evolved, necessitating a higher standard.

    To fully enjoy the study abroad experience, it’s crucial to minimize foreseeable risks. I’ve encapsulated the overall steps in an infographic. Stay tuned for more detailed narratives in the next post. Looking forward to sharing more insights! ✈️📚