My exploration

I love going to new places and getting new experiences because I can know their atmosphere in person, then I can understand their culture and personal.

I married when I was 21 years old, I had 4 kids, and it was a hard life because I hadn’t idea or experience for getting better my life. But I was happy to have my lovely kids. They always gave me the power to improve my life. I’ve never given up on what I want to do if it takes a long way and if I had a wrong way.

I’ve changed my work style to improve my environment. I have many experiences in several industries in human resources. Therefore I can work with various personalities by understanding their wishes and implementing them.

However, I hadn’t had the experience to work in other countries. I tried to go working holiday but it was very difficult with my kids. I had planed to go to study abload over 5 years.

I finally moved to Vancouver, Canada in October 2022. Life hasn’t been easy. All Canadian prices are double compared to Japan. I couldn’t understand everything in English. I only had ambition and politeness like the Japanese spirit, but they alway help me when I had a problem.
I wouldn’t have known the experience of feeling so proud of being Japanese if I hadn’t gone overseas. New adventures will continue, and I look forward to meeting the new me.

My visitied countries

Philippines / Thailand / Vietnam / Canada / USA