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A capable woman lets go first

A capable woman proactively lets go first. Capable women engage in the act of letting go early because they understand that if they don’t, new people and opportunities suitable for the next stage won’t enter.

Before leveling up, everything and everyone that used to fit feels uncomfortable, leading to frustration. The key to leveling up is how well one can let go without attachment.

Reasons like “because we’ve had a history” or “it’s been precious to me for a long time” or “it’s been a comfortable place” may arise, but for you, who is aiming to level up, those reasons are no longer valid.

Even though it might feel confusing between the pullback emotions and the desire to level up, muster the courage to let go. Capable women, when leveling up, embrace the discomfort and emotions that come with it, expressing gratitude as they release.

By doing so, more people and things that align with you better than before will come into your life. If you’re capable, you’ve likely already sensed those discomforting feelings, which are signs of an impending upgrade. Appreciate them and gracefully let go.

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